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Trade Horizons Conference

On 4 July 2024, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment will host the second annual Trade Horizons Conference in Dublin Castle.


Ireland’s international trade exceeded €1 trillion in 2023 and our global connections are deepening. At the same time, Ireland is committed to halving our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and the EU is targeting climate neutrality by 2050. Many other countries have equally ambitious targets. Are trade growth and climate action mutually supportive, or in tension with one another?

The theme for Trade Horizons 2024 is 'Trade for a Sustainable Future', exploring how policy-makers and businesses can work together to advance global prosperity, well-being and meaningful action on the drive for net zero carbon emissions. 

Trade Horizons 2024 is aimed at businesses, enterprise-facing departments and agencies, business representative organisations, as well as academics and organisations with an interest in economic development and its relation to the global climate and environmental challenge. 

Speakers and expert panels 

Trade Horizons 2024 will be opened by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Peter Burke TD. Keynote speakers from the World Trade Organisation, the European Commission, other international organisations and senior political leaders will highlight the policy issues that are re-shaping the global trade agenda, and what it means for open trading economies such as Ireland. 

Irish and international businesses are already working to take advantage of the opportunities of the climate transition, seeking to accelerate adoption of new technologies and establish new global standards. A panel of corporate leaders will outline ambitions and challenges of this new business landscape, including a number of Ireland’s flagship multinational enterprises. 

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“Trade serves as a powerful force multiplier for environmental policy action. A just transition to a low carbon and resilient global economy is a prerequisite for better lives and livelihoods for people around the world.”

World Trade Organization Director-General, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Trade Policy Tools for Climate Action, WTO 2023