Quality Assurance Reports

Quality Assurance Reports under the Public Spending Code (PSC).

The Public Spending Code sets out a standardised approach to ensure that all public funds meet the objectives set by government and deliver value for money for the tax payer. The Code describes the rules and procedures which departments and agencies must comply with and that ensure that an appropriate standard is met across the Irish public service. 

All government departments and public bodies and all bodies in receipt of public funding must comply, as appropriate, with the relevant requirements of the Public Spending Code. In the case of the agencies under this department, the board of each must satisfy itself annually that they are in full compliance with the Code.

The Code requires that each department put in place an internal process to assess compliance with the Code and to regularly review the quality of that process. The quality assurance process involves five steps including the preparation of expenditure inventories for each of the agencies that are in receipt of large capital grants, assessments of departmental compliance with the Code across the enterprise development and innovation programme areas, and in-depth checks on selected expenditure areas. The final step requires departments to complete and publish Quality Assurance reports.

A copy of each report is available below.

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