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17 organisations achieve certification to world class business standards

Minister Pat Breen TD emphasises the role of standards in boosting productivity and creating competitive advantage

• 17 organisations from around the country are recognised for achieving certification to world class business standards at a special ceremony in Dublin

• Most popular certification amongst companies attending is international ISO standard in Environmental Management Systems

• FLI Global Ltd, Gas Networks Ireland, and Outhaus Group are among the organisations honoured at today’s ceremony

17 organisations from the private, public and SME sectors gathered today at the Dublin office of NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland), an Agency of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, for a special ceremony marking their achievement in becoming certified to world class business standards.

All of the businesses and bodies that achieved certification were independently audited by NSAI inspectors in order to ensure they complied with the international standards.

They join an elite group of over 4,000 organisations who are currently NSAI-certified in a variety of areas such as Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Energy Management.

The organisations honoured at the NSAI ceremony have offices or facilities in 8 different counties and were presented with their certificates by the Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Pat Breen TD. Prior to making the awards, he said:

“To stay competitive, it is critical that Irish companies continue to look at all ways through which their businesses can improve. In this context, the pursuit of world class business standards offers a valuable form of competitive advantage. This is particularly important in the face of Brexit and other global developments which challenge our economic well-being.”

He added: “The companies receiving the awards today represent the vibrant and innovative business community that exists across Ireland today. I want to congratulate them on their achievement of certification to international standards, which can only happen when smart, competent and dedicated people work together.”

Speaking at the ceremony, NSAI Chief Executive Geraldine Larkin said “achieving certification to world class business standards will give these organisations an advantage – both at home and abroad”.

“Many of the companies gathered here today are being certified to one, two or in some cases, to three standards and I am delighted to see this type of commitment. You can see the real difference standards have made to your business and you have reaped rewards from these benefits. Not only have you gained competitive advantage – improving efficiency, reducing costs and minimising waste – your industries will continue to benefit because of your investment,” said Ms Larkin.

“At a time of increased globalization, Brexit negotiations and more and more international trade deals, it is essential for Irish industry to be as competitive as it can be. It is encouraging to see so many companies here today that are committed to working towards best practice. You are demonstrating that Ireland is one of the best places in the world to do business and that Irish and Irish based companies can compete at the highest level,” she added.

Organisations can contribute their knowledge, ideas and help build the standards of the future by becoming involved with standards development. Become a member of a volunteer committee, comment on or view a draft standard on our website.

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Photography by Conor McCabe
For further information please contact, NSAI Press Officer, Deirdre Farrelly on 086 869 0774


Full list of companies certified at today’s NSAI certification ceremony;

1. Dancor Civil Engineering Ltd
2. Outhaus Group
3. Irish Tar and Bitumen Suppliers
4. Pobal
5. MagGrow
6. Gem Construction
7. Irish Industrial Tanks
8. FLI Global Ltd
9. Gas Networks Ireland & GNI (UK) Ltd
10. N&C Enterprises Ltd
11. Boland Steel
12. Cranford Stone Ltd
13. Roadfill
14. Whytes Concrete Ltd
15. Grimor Sand & Gravel
16. Neurent Medical Galway
17. Permanent TSB Ltd

The standards awarded to companies today include:

• I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management System
• I.S. ISO 45001:2018: Occupational Health and Safety Management System
• I.S. EN ISO 14001:2015: Environmental Management System
• I.S EN 12620: 2002: Aggregates for Concrete

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NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) is Ireland’s official standards body. It is responsible for standardisation, conformity assessment and measurement. Where a standard already exists, NSAI works with organisations and businesses to help them apply it. Where a standard may be needed, NSAI will work with relevant parties at national or international level to create and develop the appropriate standard. NSAI improves the performance of organisations and protects consumers through the setting of standards and issuing of certification in the quality and safety of goods and services.