What We Do

Enterprise Ireland's research, development and innovation programmes

Enterprise Ireland provide a range of programmes that help enterprises to innovate. These programmes can help with short-term and relatively small innovation projects, right through to building deeper engagement through large-scale, multiannual collaborative projects. Included are programmes to drive in-company R&D in Irish-owned companies and programmes to support the translation of academic research into new products, processes and services by industry. Enterprise Ireland’s innovation programmes are centred on: 

  • Transforming R&D activity in enterprise
    Direct supports for R&D activity within Irish firms which assist companies to build R&D capability and acquire new technology through licensing. Equity support for new High Potential Start-ups (HPSUs) is also included.  
  • Promoting industry collaboration with the third level sector
    Programmes to increase the level of collaborative R&D activity between industry and academia. This includes industry-academic projects through Innovation Partnerships, Technology Gateways in Institutes of Technology (IoTs) and Technological Universities (TU), support for industry-led Technology Centres and supports for networking initiatives. 
  • Realising the commercial potential of the Irish research community
    This includes programmes to accelerate the commercialisation of third level research programmes including the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund which supports researchers to take the outputs of research with commercial potential to a point where they can be transferred into industry, the Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative (TTSI) which funds dedicated staff within the Higher Education system to ensure that best use is made of research outputs with commercial potential, and the Campus Incubator Scheme which provides space for spin out companies. 

Information on the various R&D innovations supports can be accessed on Become more innovative - Enterprise Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland funding supports

Enterprise Ireland provide funding and supports through various critical response funding schemes and grants. These supports are available to companies who are facing challenges brought on by international events. Enterprise Ireland, through the Green Transition Fund and the Digital Transition Fund also provide funding to companies who wish to digitalise their operations and become more energy efficient and carbon neutral.

Further information relating to these programs can be accessed at funding supports - Enterprise Ireland.