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Sustainability is good for business

What is sustainability

Becoming more sustainable looks different in every business. 

For your business it might be reducing your water, electricity and gas bills or simply your waste. While doing so, you could get access to cheaper finance and make your business more competitive, particularly if you sell to other businesses or to the government.

It is also good for your brand, as there’s a growing consumer demand for sustainable products and services. Importantly too, becoming more sustainable can help you to attract and retain staff. 

Help is on hand

There is a range of sustainability-focused consultancy, training and grants available from your Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland.

We know that you might not have much time to think about where to start, but your trusted financial or business advisers, or Local Enterprise Office do. They can help you to understand what you need to do and how to do it.

Understand, assess and invest in sustainable business

How other businesses are doing it

Case study: Coffee House Lane

Coffee House Lane ground down their emissions and reduced energy costs from a peak of €2,900 in one month, to €160 after installing energy efficient equipment. 

Watch on YouTube: Coffee House Lane - YouTube

Case study: Mac's Deli

Mac’s Deli is a family-run café, bakery and catering business in the heart of Letterkenny. The LEO Green for Business scheme provided Mac’s Deli with a consultant who examined the business in detail, from lighting to solar panels and even fridges, and made recommendations on how Mac’s Deli could improve on their energy usage. Following this, Mac’s Deli was eligible for the Energy Efficiency Grant, which provided a grant for the business to implement these recommendations. This allowed them to change fridges and freezers which were high users of energy, as well as changing their ovens. Their energy usage was reduced by 30%, saving the company €1,500 to €2000 each month on electricity.

Watch on YouTube: Mac's Deli - YouTube