SME and Entrepreneurship Taskforce: minutes of meetings

The aim of the SME and Entrepreneurship Taskforce is to design a National SME Growth Plan which maps out an ambitious long-term strategic blueprint beyond COVID-19.

Membership is drawn from a broad range of sectors and regions, and includes national SME representative bodies such as Ibec, SFA, ISME, Chambers Ireland, and sectoral representatives such as the Irish Hotels Federation and Scale Ireland. Its work is informed by the comprehensive OECD Review of SME and Entrepreneurship Policy in Ireland, which provided an objective and evidence base for the work in developing the SME Growth Plan. 

The SME and Entrepreneurship Taskforce’s Report: National SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan was published in January 2021, and an Implementation Group was established in February 2021 to address these recommendations and work with relevant government departments and agencies to deliver these reforms.

The minutes from the meetings of the SME and Entrepreneurship Taskforce are published below.

Topics: Supports for SMEs, Entrepreneurship