Who We Are


Information about our department and offices procurement of supplies and services.

We are committed to obtaining best VFM and maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and integrity in all our procurement and purchasing activities.

The procurement of supplies and services across our department and our offices is carried out in a number of different ways depending on the values involved.

Procurement opportunities

We purchase goods and services through direct engagement with suppliers or through National Framework Agreements arranged by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP). Further details on National Framework Agreements can be accessed at Office of Government Procurement (OGP).

 We engage with Suppliers and use National Framework Agreements for: 

  • consultancy services

  • research services

  • legal services

  • certain specialised training services

  • travel management services

  • utilities, for example, electricity, natural gas

  • facilities management services

  • print and stationery

  • courier services

  • taxi services

  • health and safety consumables

  • office furniture/equipment

  • mobile communications

  • ICT consumables

All property maintenance of our department’s sites is managed by the Office of Public Works (OPW) Property Maintenance Service including office fit-outs, upgrading and refurbishments. For more information visit Estate Portfolio Management (opw.ie).

How we buy 

  • For supplies and services below €5,000 (Ex VAT) we will typically seek 3 written competitive quotes from suppliers or service providers. Typically, suppliers are selected from public domain sources (for example, Internet searches). 

  • For supplies and services between €5,000-€24,999 (Ex VAT) we will typically seek not less than five written competitive quotes from suppliers or service providers. Typically, suppliers are selected from public domain sources (for example, Internet searches).

  • We advertise contracts above €25,000 (Ex VAT) on the Irish Government procurement portal e-Tenders (in accordance with Circular 10/2010 and Circular 10/2014. All suppliers are encouraged to register with e-Tenders and are asked to monitor the e-Tenders website on a regular basis to identify tendering opportunities. 

  • If a contract is above European threshold (currently €139,000 – Ex VAT) it is advertised in the supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union OJEU/TED and also on e-Tenders. 

  • Tender documents are made available at no cost on e-Tenders and any interested party can obtain them free of charge and submit a tender. 

Procurement guidelines        

Purchasing of goods and services by our department and our offices is conducted using a competitive process and in accordance with the procurement guidelines that can be found on the Office of Government Procurement website. For more information visit procurement.ie.

Our current tender competitions

Details of all our current tender competitions over €10,000 (Ex VAT) for ICT and €25,000 (Ex VAT) for all other competitions are available on etenders.gov.ie

Public sector publication of contract award notices

The government launched an initiative in April 2014 (Circular 10/14) to assist small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the area of public sector procurement. One of these measures requires public buyers to publish all award details for contracts valued over €25,000 (Ex VAT) on the e-Tenders website on completion of the contract signing. This provision came into effect from 1 August 2014. See Contract Award Notices for further information.

How we spend

We publish the following financial information sets on a quarterly basis: 

Details of payments made for goods and services costing €20,000 or more

Note: Payments are inclusive of VAT, where appropriate.

Further information

Further information for suppliers on our procurement activities can be found in the Supplier Information Booklet below.